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JPEG format is preferred. Other acceptable file formats: GIF, TIFF, PNG. It is best practice to use a small file (1000 x 1000 pixels or smaller) so that images will load quickly in a web browser.
  • Home page: slideshow = 720 x 480 pixels
  • In general = you may use any size.


The CSS (cascading style sheet) file controls how the whole website looks. The following are visuals for your reference:
  • Normal (no style applied)
  • use bold or italic at any time
  • format using bullet lists or numbered lists
  • Heading 1

  • Heading 2

  • Heading 3

  • Heading 4

  • add a link using the Hyperlink Manager:
  • insert an image by using the Image Manager

CSS Classes for Images

To make images position on the page, apply a CSS Class to it. (Located in upper right of the HTML editor window where it reads Apply CSS)
  • right = the image will "float" to the right (text will wrap around it)
  • left = the image will "float" to the left

Page Layouts (Templates)

  • mmi-home.html = home page layout • includes slideshow box • mission statement • example: Home
  • *mmi-page.html = standard page • sidebar / section navigation • example: About Us
  • mmi-page-no-subnav.html = standard page • no section navigation • example: Documents of Interest
*the majority of pages on the website are this Page Layout

Anti-Spam Emails

Replace email links with special Javascript code, so they are hidden from web crawler spyders — (insert the code into HTML viewport)